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ESUKA - JEFUL 4 - 1 2013

ESUKA - JEFUL 2 - 2 2011

Guest editors Madis Arukask and Kristiina Praakli (University of Tartu)



Ewa Donesch-Jezo. The role of output and feedback in second language acquisition: a classroom-based study of grammar acquisition by adult English language learners

Shahzaman Haque. Truncated multilingual repertoire in Indian migrant families in three cities of Europe

Jens Normann Jørgensen and Somogy Varga. Norms and practices of polylingual behaviour: a sociolinguistic model

Laima Kalėdienė. Evaluation of language policy in Lithuania

Jyrki Kalliokoski. Plurilingual competence, styles and variation

Sirkku Latomaa and Minna Suni. Multilingualism in Finnish schools: policies and practices

Lea Nieminen and Ritva Takkinen. Evaluative language in spoken and signed stories told by a deaf child with a cochlear implant: words, signs or paralinguistic expressions?

Kari K. Pitkänen, Tuula Lehtonen, Roy Siddall, and Anu Virkkunen-Fullenwider. Developing English language support for the lingua franca learning environments at the master’s level

Vineta Poriņa. Bilingualism in Latvian and Russian in the context of demographic processes in Latvia

Elena Ryabina. Differences in the distribution of colour terms in colour space in the Russian, Udmurt and Komi languages

Minna Suni and Lea Nieminen. Complexity and interaction: comparing the development of L1 and L2




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