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Special issue "Word and concept in the Estonian and Finno-Ugric languges"

Guest Editor Mari Uusküla (Institute of the Estonian Language)



Geda Paulsen. Static and dynamic states: the case of Estonian stative colour expressions

Mari Uusküla, Liivi Hollman, and Urmas Sutrop. Basic colour terms in five Finno-Ugric languages and Estonian Sign Language: a comparative study

Jingyi Gao. Basic colour terms for black and white in Chinese: with discussions on models of language development

Kaidi Rätsep. Colour term ‘black’ in Estonian place names

Peeter Päll. Observations on the geographical distribution of toponymic endings in Estonia

Tiina Laansalu. Specific developments in Kiili place names

Marja Kallasmaa. On the etymology of the Estonian place names Kirna and Kernu

Sven-Erik Soosaar. About a fashion-related Estonian-Swedish loanword krunn

Udo Uibo. Clupea harengus membras: about the etymology of a certain fish name in Estonian, Latvian, and Livonian

Andres Karjus. Outdoors on the shores of the Baltic: gradience in the grammaticalization of the exterior-region

Martin Eessalu. The categorization of the Estonian domain of “musical instruments” ‒ listeners vs musicians and the comparison of basic levels

Vilja Oja. Finnic adjectives for ‘tall’

Aivar Põldvee. Wennekülla Hans and Estonian church language

Kristiina Ross. Supplements to Johannes Gutslaff’s term creation

Urmas Sutrop. Estonian traces in the tree of life concept and in the language family tree theory


Regular papers

Florian Siegl. More on possible Forest Enets – Ket contacts

Gerson Klumpp. Differential object marking and information structure: on the function of two different pronominal accusatives in Komi and Khanty dialects

Nikolay Kuznetsov. Matrix of cognitive domains for Komi local cases

Kristina Yuzieva. The semantics of bird denominations in the Mari language



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